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5 brilliant hiking destinations in Austria

© by Arnold Weisz

Austria is the perfect travel destination for those who want to spend a lot of time in nature. We’ve picked a few of our favourite hiking destinations to share with you.

Austria has more than 50.000 kilometres of sign posted wander- and hiking trails. No matter if you are looking for a good workout or just want to wander at a leisurely pace to enjoy the scenery, the variety of trails is enormous. We’ve hiked to mountains peaks, wandered among vineyards and along the Danube. The different landscapes are as stunning as the vast choice routes available. Five brilliant hiking destinations in Austria, does of course by no means do justice to the country. We could have picked hundreds of great hikes.

1. Speiereck – SalzburgerLand

Speiereck, hiking destinations in Austria
Almost at the top and you can see the entire path for your hike. Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

Most hiking trails start in the valley. Nonetheless, I prefer to start above the treeline whenever possible, to get the most out of the view. Just outside Mauterndorf you can pick up the cable car and travel up to Grosseck at 1960 metres above sea level. This is a perfect start on this trip. There is still enough terrain and altitude left to get some exercise. The hike up to Speierck at 2411 metres and the round trip back to Grosseck, takes about 4 hours at a normal pace. The views over the Lungau region at the top are none less than fantastic. Read the entire story here!

2. Almtal – Upper Austria

Almsee, hiking destinations in Austria
The lake is beautifully nested in under the Totes Gebrige (Dead mountains) in the Almtal valley. Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

In Almtal you can choose either to walk around the beautiful Lake Almsee, or hike in the surrounding mountains. If on a hot mid-summer day, I would definitely choose the first option and save the mountains for a cooler autumn day. The lake mirroring the backdrop of greenery and the towering Alps could not be more picture perfect. The Almsee is perfect for a day out with your family. Read the entire story here!


3. Mostviertel – Lower Austria

Mostviertel - hiking destinations in Austria
The rolling hills with snow-capped mountains in the background, offer fantastic views as you travel around the Mostviertel. Try to time it with the pear tree blossom. Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

This part of Lower Austria, just south of the Danube River gives you a special treat in the spring. The Mostviertel region is known for the thousands of pear trees blossoming in the end of April. Hence, this colourful display by nature is a spectacular setting for hiking in the crisp spring air. The rolling hills of the Mostviertel between the Ybbstal and the Danube Valley offers numerous hiking routes for all levels of walkers. Read the entire story here!


4. Hiking in the Vineyards – Styria

Vineyards in southern Styria, Austria
Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

The DAC wine region of Südsteiermark (Southern Styria) offers idyllic hiking experiences among the vineyards. Combined with winetasting and culinary highlights, the Autumn is the most popular time for hiking in the area among the Austrians. However, the region is perfect for enjoying a day or more, all year around. The climate is mild, and if there is snow, it rearly lingers around for long.


5. Hochobir – Carinthia

Hochobir, Carinthia, Austria
Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

From the peak at 2139 meters / 7017 ft above sea level, the Hochobir offers spectacular panorama views. The hike is not among the easiest, but very rewarding. You start in the forrest and work you way up above the treeline. From there the descent is pure joy, although steep at times, as the surrounding alpine landscape unfolds. This is definitely one of our favorite hiking destinations.
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Written by Ana Lucia Marcos

Ana Lucia Marcos

Ana Lucia has traveled the world, but fell completely in love with Austria. She loves the dramatic mountain landscape, the phototastiske lakes and the captivating castles. Moreover, a real Wienerschnitzel is always on the menu when she explores the alpine country.