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Travel inspiration for your holiday in Austria

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Discover Austria

No matter what kind of holiday you prefer, Austria has something for everyone. Well, except an oceanic coastline. Notwithstanding, Austria is perfect for venturing off the beaten track to discover some of it’s hidden gems. Vibrant cities with thriving culture scenes and astonishing architecture. Picturesque historical towns and medieval castles made for time travel. Alpine villages provide rustic getaways spiced with Austrian folklore. Beautiful countryside’s dotted with farms, church towers and vineyards deliver tranquillity. Culinary traditions and innovative chefs serve you a taste of Austria. Tempting? For more travel inspiration, have a look at the articles below.

Easy Travel

Austria is one of the safest countries for travellers. Furthermore, it’s modern, organised and tidy, with a well-functioning tourism sector. The key to explore Austria, is easy travel. A modern and comprehensive public transport network takes you everywhere. Even to the tiniest village or remote valley. Short distances and high standard roads allow you can discover Austria without spending excessive time on travel. However, traveling also means you can enjoy an amazing scenery. Nonetheless, don’t forget to wind down and relax. Check out our travel inspiration images and articles. Discover and explore Austria at your own pace and schedule.

  • Vacation in Volcano Land, Styria, Austria

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    Vacation in Volcano Land

    Despite its fiery name the Styrian Volcano Land (Steiriches Vulkanland) doesn’t consist of lava spewing volcanos or blackened scorched earth. Rather contrary, the region mostly consists of a lush green landscape of rolling hills. The hillcrests are usually covered by forest and the valleys are dominated by farmland, vineyards and dotted with villages. Slow down […]

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  • Christmas markets in Austria

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    Christmas Markets in Austria

    In Austria Christmas Markets are called either Weinachtsmarkt, Adventmarkt or Christkindlmarkt. They are a mixture of buying frenzy and traditional and religious traditions. In a catholic country such as Austria, the Advent and Christmas are of course important religious festivals. You can find Christmas Markets, in one form or another, all over Austria. Check out […]

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  • Music, Vienna, Austria

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    Vienna for music lovers

    Austria and Vienna has over the last decades deservedly gained a good reputation among music lovers. Mostly through the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year Concerts or its opera house. And lately for its vibrant contemporary music scene. The soul of the Viennese Music interested people, no matter what genre or type of music one likes, will […]

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Travel Inspiration


The view from 3029 m at Kitzsteinhorn

  • Zillertal, Tirol, Austria

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    Snow much fun in Zillertal

    The first stop on my winter tour through Austria by train was Zillertal, Tyrol. After a few days in wonderful Vienna I was looking forward to hitting the slopes. Late February the winter had taken a firm hold on the Austrian Alps and there was snow in abundance. Chilly but great fun The skiing conditions […]

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  • Seebachtal, Carinthia, Austria

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    Seebachtal – easy scenic hiking in the Austrian Alps

    Wandering in the Alps is not restricted to narrow and steep trails in the mountains. There are also plenty of great tours for those who simply want a leisurely hike, for those who no longer are too steady on their feet or if you have small children. Moreover, even though the trip mostly follows a […]

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  • Bucklige Welt – land of the thousand hills, Lower Austria, Niederösterreich, Travel to Austria

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    Bucklige Welt – land of the thousand hills

    The Bucklige Welt region in the south-eastern corner of Lower Austria is characterized by a very hilly landscape. Hence the name, that means something like “world of bumps” in German. This is the eastern most end of the Alps, that extends through Austria. From here, the flat Pannonian plains dominate the landscape far into Hungary. […]

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Collecting Memories

Travel inspiration, Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria

Travel is about collecting memories. Memories collected together with someone often last longer than memories acquired alone. When old travel memories fade, go-ahead and collect new. It’s never too late! Photo: Arnold Weisz ©

That Alpine Feeling

Travel inspiration, Kitzsteinhorn, Salzburgerland, Austria

Austria is about that alpine feeling. If you’re into mountain-fresh air, stunning landscapes and wide horizons – Austria is your next travel destination. It’s all about having a wonderful time in an amazing place. Photo: Arnold Weisz ©