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Guidelines for contributors

© by Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

We’re always keen to work with talented contributors and up-and-coming authors/photographers, in order to present a diverse range of features on

We welcome contributions, on an on-spec basis, from a wide range of genres. However, we expect most articles to be ready for use, with between 500 and 800 words, heading, ingress, and subheadings with paragraphs of a maximum of 150 words each.

Destinations, activities and sights

Our online travel guide is about Austria, and all submissions should focus on destinations, activities and sights in Austria. Our websites are on servers in Norway, and we have to adhere to strict rules regarding advertising. Hence, the article should be an independent piece of work. You may insert a few links to websites that naturally enhance the information value in the article, but no direct advertisements. We have separate advertorials for this.

Furthermore, please check our archives to see what’s been published to avoid duplicate content. Your article has to be published exclusively at If you have already published an article on the same topic, you could rewrite it, add another perspective or spin it. However, simply reposting the content makes for lousy SEO and is a definite no-no.

Editing: we review and edit all submissions for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and SEO. Nonetheless, the cleaner your article is more accessible for us to accept. Moreover, it should follow our editorial footprint and guidelines as described above.


Images are vital to any travel article and should be part of the package. Please do not superimpose any copyright notices or visible watermarks on the image itself. According to our general design guidelines, we will add credit bylines or copyright notices along the image.

Please send us a minimum of 7 images, one wide format (min. 2000 pix wide) for use in the heading and the others in standard formats (min. 800 pix. wide). All pics have to be in jpg. With min. 72 dpi. If you have experience with imaging software, feel free to clean the pics. However, overly altered images will not be used. Please keep it natural.

No images? No worries!

If you have a smashing text but no images to that standard, send us the text, as we might be able to help you from our archives or with the help of other photographers.

Please do not send anything to us by postal mail, especially original photos, slides, illustrations or any unique material. is not responsible for the return of or damage to any unsolicited original material, including photos or other graphics and artwork.

If you have any questions about and our guidelines, please drop us a few words.