Upper Austria

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The rolling hills north of the Danube Valley, the alpine lake district Salzkammergut and many historical towns. Upper Austria is an exciting mix of diverse landscapes and delightful cities and towns.

Cross country skiing in Böhmerwald, bicycling along the Danube, visiting the dentist museum in Linz or enjoying the historical old town of Schärding. These are just a few of the numerous attractions available in Upper Austria.

Danube Valley

The mighty river divides the state in two, and there is hardly any other part of the state that changes its appearance more often, than the Danube Valley. Bicycle- and hiking trails follow the river from the border to Germany, to the border of Lower Austria. Along the way you pass Linz, the culture hotspot of Austria and state capital.


The Salzkammergut region attracts most of the tourists who visit Upper Austria, but you can also find many lesser-known holiday gems scattered around the state. Salzkammergut, with its 76 small and large lakes is a holiday mecca and offers countless opportunities for activities – or quiet places where you can simply relax. In Bad Ischl, a historic small town you can visit the imperial villa of Emperor Franz Joseph, who spent a lot of time here. For cake lovers, a visit to the legendary Konditorei Zauner is a must.


The northern region of Mühlviertel occupies the rolling hills between the Danube and the Czech border. Although predominantly farm lands, large swats are still forested and you find fabulous hiking trails in the region. Moreover, historical towns, idyllic villages, and medieavel castles are found all over the region, making it an interesting holiday destination. The historic town of Freistadt, with its intact medieval city walls is well worth a visit. Surrounded by a landscape of rolling hills, with a mixture of forest and cultural landscape is perfect for hiking and horseback riding.

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This region borders German Bavaria and is probably the least known part of the state. Nonetheless, it also has a few gems that deserve a visit. In spite of its less dramatic nature compared to the rest of the state, the region features Austria´s largest moor landscape, the Ibmer Moor. The Innviertel region has some lovely historical towns such as Braunau, Schärding, and Ried that are known for their unique Baroque buildings.

The Alps

Upper Austria also has a small slice of the backbone of Austria, the Alps. Plenty of ski resorts will keep you busy during the winter, and mile after mile of hiking routes will take you through breath-taking scenery. In the very south of the state you find picturesque villages such as Hallstatt and St. Wolfgang, in addition to the imperial town of Bad Ischl.


The State Capital is often seen as an uninteresting industrial city. Sure, at the outskirts of the city there are huge industrial complexes. However, Austria’s third largest city has a very pleasant historical centre. Furthermore, it is known as the cultural hotspot of Austria, after it was chosen as the European Capital of Culture. It’s location at the banks of the Danube makes it an important stopover for river cruises.


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